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On-Line Dispute Resolution


This study takes a critical look at the current trends of On-Line Dispute Resolution (ODR) and possible alterations that essay writer canada can be made based on behavioral characteristics of participants and the impact they have on the interaction. Specifically the study measures behavioral differences of participants who negotiate in online environments. Structure of ODR Theory of ODR Pros and Cons of ODR Current ODR Implementations Conflict and Negotiation Conflict Behavior Psychology of the Internet The eBay ODR Experiment

From the Paper:

« ODR represents a field of conflict resolution that uses a network, namely the Internet, to facilitate communication between parties in a dispute. This environment provides an economical way for the participants to have contact without the necessity of meeting face-to-face. Ethan Katsch (2000) argues that ODR is here to stay because it creates a solution rhetorical modes quiz for parties in conflict that are at a distance and need speedy resolution. It fills the void of jurisdictional uncertainties that are created when the Internet makes the walls of countries invisible. Legal authority over conflicts is managed by the contractual agreements obtained in the mediated settlements of the parties. »

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